These Parables were narrated so that everyone reading them may experience the presence of God and open oneself to the true life in Him — in His Beauty, Harmony, and Love!

Parables of Lao Tse

        These parables are written from the words of Lao Tse and relate how He learnt from Great Huang Di.
        The steps of the spiritual Path that permit to cognize Tao and Te are described here in parable style.

        ● The First Parable: Let the Ant Pass!
        ● The Second Parable: Build the Heavenly Palace in Your Spiritual Heart!
        ● The Third Parable: Listen to the Revelations of the Great Silence!
        ● The Fourth Parable: Look over the Horizon!
        ● The Fifth Parable: Huang Di — the Great Emperor of the Under-Heavenly World
        ● The Sixth Parable: Find the Treasure!
        ● The Seventh Parable: Trials Will not Cease until the Very End of the Path
        ● The Eight Parable: Huang Di’s Lessons of Healing
        ● The Ninth Parable: Pearls of Wisdom are the Seeds that Can Give Seedlings
        ● The Tenth Parable: About Pride, Humility, and Ability to Dis-solve and Merger with Tao
        ● The Eleventh Parable: Lessons in Attainment of Immortality
        ● The Twelve Parable: The Birth of the Immortal Lao Tse


        ● Treatise on Virtue
        ● Treatise on Health of Body and Soul


        ● Treatise on the Power of Calm, Love, and Achieving Immortality


        ● Parable on Power and Love




        ● How to Take in Beauty Along with Me



        How it is simple to live, following the Path of inner peace and fulfilling only acts of Good!
        True Buddhism is to carry in oneself the purity, calm, and peace.
        Nirvana — wherein one is completely dissolved in God. This One has no other life, but the life of God!
        A Life of God is Love and Care for all beings: their development and perfecting.
        My Teachings of Bodhisattvas was exactly this.
        I’ll talk on this Path in short parables.
        I hope that My Love, expressed in the moment in the style of laconic wisdom, will cover a large number of people who have the patience to read or hear My thoughts.
        Let My words, as a bell in clear air, help to awaken from sleep those souls who are ready for it!

        ● On Reaching Nirvana
               Parable of Patience
               Parable of Small and Large
               Parable of Doubts
               Parable on the Help from the Master
               Parable on Conceit
               Parable on the Victories and Defeats
               Parable on the Wisdom
               Parable on the Past, Present and Future
               Parable on Rock and Avalanche
               Parable on Molestation
               Parable on Ability to Listen and Speak
               Parable on How to Lose Weight
               Parable on Sufferings of Mankind
               Parable on the Non-Action


        These parables are about how you can master heart love and, by overcoming your vices, become pure, kind, strong, and wise. Each parable allows you to touch the spiritual knowledge of the Masters, Who share with us the richness and beauty of the great art of the transformation of the souls. The parables that are presented in this book were compiled and narrated by Sufy and Sulia.

        ● Parable about the Master Casting no Shadows
        ● Parable about Good and Evil
        ● Parable about the Sight of the Master
        ● Parable about How to Learn True Love
        ● Parable about Offense, Forgiveness, and the Purification of the Soul
        ● Parable about Variants of Teachings on One Truth
        ● Parable about the Sufi Path and the Life in the Embrace of Allah


Parables about the Elder Zosima

        This collection contains autobiographical parables of one of the Divine Teachers, also known as Ngomo. These parables tell us about the best that existed in the history of the Russian Christian monasticism.


About the Path and Travelers

        Many lives I had to live to overcome the entire Path. And not everything in them was smooth. But both achievements and mistakes — they taught the main thing: I have managed to achieve the fullness of Mergence with the Creator — and this is the greatest Victory! It is called Nirvana, the fullness of Enlightenment or Self-Realization.
        However the development of even Divine Souls continues endlessly. All We continue to improve Ourselves now.

        ● How to Take Our Lives in Our Own Hands >>>  
        ● On the Commandments of God and Purification of Souls   
        ● On Desires and Happiness   
        ● How to Choose Master — and Doubts   
        ● On the Value of Time >>>  
        ● Sculptor   
        ● On Disputes   
        ● On the Ups and Downs   

Legend of Rada and Alexey

        This legend is about the aspiration of the soul to God and about what hinders and what helps on the spiritual Path.
        The heroes of this story are not fictional. Rather here is described the true story of the lives of the spiritual Devotees — Rada and Alexey, Who have attained the Divinity. The story of Their spiritual growth and Their Service to God was told by Them.
        The written methods of spiritual work, representing the tradition of hesychasm, can be successfully used in our time.

        PART ONE   
            ● Chapter One:  The Exile   
            ● Chapter Two:  Elder Nicholas   
            ● Chapter Three:  A Soul Is Healed In Humility  
            ● Chapter Four:  Old Believers   
            ● Chapter Five: On Indestructible Faith and  Destructible Faith   
            ● Chapter Six: Robbers   
            ● Chapter Seven: Life without the Elder Nicholas   
            ● Chapter Eight:  Healing the Boy

        PART TWO  
            ● Chapter One: Childhood of Rada  
            ● Chapter Two:  Is There Really Death?  
            ● Chapter Three: Lessons from Head Blagoslav. Harmony between People
— and God  
            ● Chapter Four: Veliyar’s Departure from the Community  
            ● Chapter Five: Conversations with Radomir  
            ● Chapter Six: Meeting with Alexey  
            ● Chapter Seven: New Meeting  
            ● Chapter Eight: In the Community  
            ● Chapter Nine: Training from Rada   
            ● Chapter Ten: Jesus
            ● Chapter Eleven: Earthly Love and Divine Love

        PART THREE            
            ● Chapter One: New House  
            ● Chapter Two: On Discernment, on the Power of a Soul, and on the Temptations of Pride  
            ● Chapter Three: The Healing of Rodion  
            ● Chapter Four: Joint Meditation  
            ● Chapter Five: The Living Earth  
            ● Chapter Six: Freedom from the Body  
            ● Chapter Seven: Religious Rituals  
            ● Chapter Eight: Parting  
            ● Chapter Nine: Road to the Capital  
            ● Chapter Ten: Meeting with the Tsar  
            ● Chapter Eleven: The Departure of Blagoslav  
            ● Chapter Twelve: The Divine Heritage  


        This Gospel is narrated by Martha, one of those Disciples of Jesus Christ who have attained the Divinity.
        ● Chapter 1. The First Meeting with Jesus >>>  
        ● Chapter 2. Caring for the “Earthly” and Striving for the Divine   
        ● Chapter 3. Healing Souls and Bodies   
        ● Chapter 4. The Resurrection of Lazarus   
        ● Chapter 5. On Spiritual Work and  Inner Silence

        ● Chapter 6. Traveling with Jesus for the First Time   
        ● Chapter 7. One Must Cultivate Love and Purity in Oneself!
        ● Chapter 8. Andrew’s Lessons


        The fairy tales from this collection will be interesting and useful for both children and adults. They are perfect for family reading.
        These stories can help thoughtful readers and listeners to find answers to the following questions: what is kindness, how can we fight against evil, what is real magic, and do we have this magic in our daily life?
        May this book give you reference points for making correct decisions in diverse life situations.
        We wish that our readers walk through life by the road of Kindness and Love, that they grow as souls, and that they learn wisdom!

        ● The Tale of the Boy Who Could Do Magic
        ● The Tale of Matryonushka
        ● A Story of True Magic

        ● Chapter One: Circus of Mr. Lurie
        ● Chapter Two: Clown Tom   
        ● Chapter Three: Among the Aerial Gymnasts   
        ● Chapter Four: Holiday of Good Deeds   
        ● Chapter Five: Appearance of Fakir   
        ● Chapter Six: Katya and Ram   
        ● Chapter Seven: About Love for People and God
        ● Chapter Eight: Principles of Life Established for Us by God   
        ● Chapter Nine: On Patanjali’s Commandments